Today in the city Bon Air 27.07.2017

Supreme Court Will Rule On Trump's Travel Ban In The Fall

In the meantime, the court allowed parts of the ban to be enforced again. Rachel Martin talks to Carrie Severino, chief council for the conservative Judicial Crisis Network.

Bankrupt company Takata's defective air bags are still out there, 'like bombs'

Takata, a Japanese auto parts supplier, faces lawsuits and bankruptcy for their faulty air bags, but it could take years to get the dangerous devices off the roads in the U.S. and around the world.

European Cities Are Just Saying 'No' to Scandal-Tinged Diesel Vehicles

European mayors, pressed by courts and activists, are banning or curbing diesel use to combat health-threatening smog, presenting a threat to car makers’ livelihood.

Television writers are having a hard time topping the drama of real-life Washington, D.C.

As a sharp American social critic once said, "truth is stranger than fiction." Television writers are learning that the hard way, though, as the real life drama in Washington, D.C., dominates — and en...

Trump travel ban ruling creates questions for refugees

The Supreme Court ruling partially reinstating the travel ban could have a greater impact on refugees

Four Reasons Why China's Local Brands Are Outsmarting Foreign Food Companies

Most brands localize when entering foreign markets, but many take a generic approach across China. Local brands are paving the way by incorporating regional components into their marketing mix and dis...

Supreme Court breathes new life into Trump's travel ban

By Lawrence Hurley and Andrew Chung WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to President Donald Trump by reviving parts of a travel ban on people from six Muslim-majo...

CBO Predictions About The Senate Health Care Bill Are Deeply Flawed

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office published its estimate of the Senate GOP health care bill. Democrats are trumpeting the claim that under the bill, 22 million fewer people will have coverage...

Why Hospitals Are In Pursuit Of The Ideal Amazon Alexa App

Hospitals are now looking to capture the benefits of Amazon Echo's time-saving and convenient technology to not only streamline safety, but make life easier for healthcare providers in hospital and of...

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